Pauline is brilliant and 100% supportive.

I had an office & craft room that was in a terrible mess and couldn’t be used for either, and due to ongoing health issues I wasn’t able to sort it out by myself.

It can be embarrassing to show people areas of your house that are in a mess or display indecision, but it wasn’t with Pauline.

She never criticised or derided me or my space, and being able to talk through the possibilities without judgement, was exactly what I needed to do with certain things.
I never felt intimidated, or that I should be going faster, or that I should be in any way ashamed for the state that things had got into.

I can now tackle household admin more regularly, which has reduced my stress levels,

It’s money saving too - I won’t have to buy duplicates of things because I can’t find or get to the originals!

Having items taken away for donation, reduces the temptation to look through the box/bag and fish things out again!

I can open the window now too!

Pauline’s help has been invaluable, I could never have tackled this alone.

I would definitely recommend!


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